1. You are a legal adult and responsible for all of your actions.

2. Read the text book.

3. Go to class, take notes, do the assignments and ask questions in class. If you have not asked at least one question a week (in each class), then you are not thinking hard enough.

4. Start your assignments early, do not wait until the night before.

5. Got a problem? ASK FOR HELP. If it is about your class then ask the Professor or ask the Teaching Assistant.

If it is a problem about the Professor ask the department Chair, then the Dean, then the President if you need to!

You need to be proactive in getting help. However once you look for it you will find there is a lot of help out there for anything you can think of.

Step in to the Deans office for student affairs and say ‘I need help’.

You may be surprised but what they can help you with (anything really). Of course if you are failing a class you might not like the answer lol

6. Got a problem? DON’T ASK your roommates, a kid in the hall, a random stranger. They are not the correct the people to get help from. See number five above.

7. Watch your language while walking around campus. I am appalled by the language that emits from students mouths while they are walking across campus or down the hall. What you say IS a reflection of WHO you are.

Some of you are in pretty bad shape.

8. You are enrolled in a class but don’t like the professors teaching style or tests what do you do?

Deal with it and be glad a class is only 15 weeks long. Be polite, study hard, ask questions and prove to everyone that you can still get a good grade against the odds.

9. Spend 40 hours a week on your class studies and you will find that you can get good grades.

Learn how to make a time budget and then STICK with it. It is not uncommon for you to spend more than 10 hours a week on a class (that is what is expected for a 3 credit course, minimally!).

How much time do you spend on your classes (add it up)?

How much time do you waste in a day (add it up)?

If you work from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm everyday (5 days) that adds up to 40 hours with the weekend off! I was also assuming you wanted to sleep late lol

10. Realize that sometimes life is not fair. If you think your professor is tough wait until you have a boss!

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