Expired data can be annoying but most annoying and surprising is exhausting data within it validity period, especially when you can’t account for it. There are a few reasons why that could happen and there also a few steps that can help you make the best of your data subscription. check them out below;

1. Because your device syncs non-stop

By default, your email accounts in your android device syncs non-stop. Add your social media apps and messaging apps constantly sending and receiving data, then you will understand why your data will not make it to the end of the month. Go to Settings > Accounts and change the settings of your email accounts from checking for new emails every moment to specific times/days.

2. Because you don’t turn off your data

It’s advisable to turn off your data before going to bed and at other times when you are not using it. But who has the time to monitor data like a toddler? I don’t because I think it’s tedious, but if you can, it will definitely solve your data disappearance problem.

3. Because your service provider is insincere!

I don’t know if this happens elsewhere but right here in Nigeria it does; it’s called data zapping! Your carrier gives you 2 GB data in words but in usage it’s actually a 1 GB data. When you check your data balance you will see 2 GB staring at you but when you download a file of let’s say 2 MB and you check your data again over 4 MB will be missing. NCC please take note.

4. Because you play online games

I think soon people who can’t afford or have access to internet will not find a single HD game to play as most games are now built to rely on internet. It’s annoying but it’s not all bad. Anyways, if you are into games that require internet, then don’t moan over that notification message that your data has been exhausted.

5. Because you download and upload

I have met a few persons who felt uploading doesn’t eat up data. Well, it does just like downloading. The difference is that in one you are receiving and the other you are sending but they both require data for transmission. Constantly viewing and uploading images or videos to Facebook and other social media networks may be the reason why your data can’t survive through its validity period.

6. Because you stream

YouTube is the place to kill boredom or learn something. It offers comic videos, educational stuff, music videos, sports highlights and other good stuff, all for free! Wait, your data pays for you. If you are a fellow YouTube addict then you’ve got to stop crying over your data running out fast.

7. Because you share your data

Data sharing can happen either through text /USSD code from your carrier or through tethering/hotspot. It’s easier to know the amount of data you are gifting to someone if you use your network provider, but through tethering/hotspot you may not know how the other person or device is using up your data. I remember a colleague I shared my data with through hotspot. His computer kept trying to upgrade to windows 10 with my hard bought data!

8. Because someone is stealing your data

Okay, I don’t want you getting paranoid and looking at everyone around you as data thief. The mobile hotspot in your phone settings is for sharing data and if you unknowingly enable it and it is not password protected, just about anyone can connect to your device and use up your data. Always ensure your mobile hotspot is password protected and turned off when not in use. I am not ruling out the chances of someone picking your phone and using up your data.

9. Because you chose the wrong plan

As a blogger I know I need to be online for the most part of the day. I took out time to monitor my usage, the places i often go, and my internet needs before I settled for my current data subscription. You also have to bear in mind You too need to measure your internet usage and needs before choosing a data plan otherwise you may end up spending more money on subscription. You also have to bear in mind how much you are willing to spend on subscription, monthly and even yearly and then settle for the network provider that fits in your budget and that also offers the data speed and coverage you need so that you wont have to do another subscription as you go from one place to another for work or pleasure.


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