Developer Nick Lee has earned himself a
recognition for putting weird and wacky
operating structures on Apple gadgets, which
includes Windows 95 on an apple watch.

Now, he is gone the realistic direction of
bringing a full-fledged version of Android to
the iPhone. There’s just one capture: you need
a unique, 3D printed smartphone case to
make it work.
Lee determined to clone the Android open
supply venture (AOSP) and make a custom
model of Android Marshmallow, he could run
on a board he bought himself. He then 3D
revealed an iPhone sized enclosure he
discovered on thingiverse, and combined the
board, a battery, a boost converter, and
resistor to make a lightweight case. At the
start, it became pretty cumbersome,
comparable to a brick you would be more
likely to have visible in a mobile phone keep
15 years in the past.

However after slimming down the layout, Lee
changed into able to craft an enclosure no
longer too much large than your fashionable
phone battery case. He also blanketed
openings for HDMI and USB Ports, as well as
a SD Card slot. In his YouTube demonstration,
Lee appears to slide a mild sheet of plastic
over the components earlier than placing an
iPhone on pinnacle.
He additionally seems to boot Android by
means of way of a custom Tendigi app on the
iPhone’s domestic display screen. Tendigi,
where Lee works as CTO, is a mobile layout
and improvement studio in Brooklyn, and Lee
makes use of its iOS app to speak with the
case and cargo his custom model of Android
on an iPhone 6s’s display. The whole
technique right here took many days, Lee
says, and it is no longer exactly practical.
However it’s far a captivating have a look at
each the ingenuity it took to carry out this
feat and the lengths at which you have to go
to get even a custom open-source version of
Android walking on Apple’s flagship

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