For those anticipating the launch of the
Camon C9, I have more image leaks and
this time they are not rendered concepts!

So, how about finding missing clues from
these images? P.S.: I don’t have the device so
this is quite new to me too.
If these spy photos are anything to go with,
then we are in for an ultra-slim device, way
slimmer than the C8
The device reportedly stands out as the
model camera phone with its 13MP dual
flash front camera, and a dual LED flash
which means your photos will maintain a
great composition whether taken at night,

or in the dark. Think about the stunning
night-scape you can capture with the
awesome dual flash, breath-taking scenery
and group shots with the panoramic front
camera feature.
Let’s move on to the second clue; According
to my sources, the front camera on the
Camon C9 is going to be visible in the
middle. This gives you an accurate capture
from a natural angle. Gone are the days of
craning your necks or looking for the perfect
angle for your selfies .

I was also told that the Camon C9 is
expected to come in various colours, ranging
from the pearl white, to the sandstone black
and champagne gold; which is the colour
we have in our spy shots.
That is all the leaks I have, for now, no
words on the exact day this baby will be
launched, but trust me to get you all the
handy information.
What other clues can you spot?

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