TOLET.COM.NG – CONNECTS LANDLORD WITH TENANTS is one of the fastest growing online real estate agent in Nigeria now. The company started out to breach the gap between house owners/landlords and the ‘to-be’ tenant. aims to provide an online property rentals platforms which tends to help Lagosians have access and also navigate through the frustrating, stressful and the unstructured Lagos property rental market. is co-founded by Ogundipe Fikayo(CEO & Co-Founder) and also Balogun Sulaiman(CBO & Co-Founder), Eludire Oladapo(COO & Co-Founder), Ayeni Oluwaseyi(CTO & Co-Founder)

Ogundipe Fikayo(CEO & Co-Founder)
According to a post on the company website;

“Our goal is to provide our users the best property search experience be it online or offline. To achieve this, we have created a fast and smooth online search system. While also using technology to connect you with legitimate and verified real estate agents to ensure the offline/physical aspect of your property search is equally seamless.”


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For those who wants to uses this service, here is out it works;


✅Go to your web browser and type

✅On the homepage, you get to see a ‘Featured Properties’, if you aren’t interested in that properties, move to step three below,

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✅Also on the homepage, you see some ‘Popular Areas’, click on any one of them and you get to see the listed properties in those areas. If you aren’t still satisfied with that, move to step four below,

✅You can also use the Search Filter on the website to easily locate where you want to Live

✅Moreover, you can also Contact them to get better options.
For now, have most of its properties listed based on Lagos alone, we hope they expand to other part of the country too.

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With the pace at which the internet is going now, in few years to come, everything will simply be done with the use of internet. Bill Gates once said;

In few years to come, there are two kind of people that will still be doing business; those doing business on the internet and those doing nothing at all.

I guess you wouldn’t want to be among those doing nothing…

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