Today i will be sharing with you a simple trick on how to win every call of duty mobile battle royal games easily with the use of airborne class.

This tutorial is for call of duty mobile competitive players and casual players who enjoy the game a lot to avoid getting killed all the time.

1 .The first thing you need to know is call of duty mobile battle royal mainly has to do with survival!!

Yes survival!! You have to imagine you been in a real battlefield trying to kill and not get killed by all means, you also need to have the mentality that once you’re been shoot at you’re gonna die(if you think this way you will be very attentive to gunshot sounds and know how to react after few practice)

As for me I do know most of the gunshots sounds and try to always react accordingly, For example in call of duty mobile season 6 AK47 has a very high damage and a very loud sound so whenever someone shoots an AK47 around me I know too well that I should take cover and not fire back, the next thing I do is to try use an adrenaline shot and make sure I’m in a crouching position most of the time because the recoil/stock use to be a bit hard for me to control in season 6.

Kindly watch the 7 minutes video above to learn how to survive and win every call of duty mobile  battle royal games easily and also note that this can be implemented into either single, duo or squad call of duty mobile battle royal games.

2. Right now I think the best class in call of duty mobile for survival mode is the airborne class although the scout class in call of duty mobile is also a very good one because it can help you to know where enemies are easily. 

3Personally my favorite location to land is the dock because it’s closer to the terminal upgrade which is one of the things you need to get once you land in call of duty mobile battle royale

4. if you want to land make make sure you jump when you’re 1300m-1500m away from where you actually want to land and make sure you don’t fly higher than 70km/h so you can travel that far although you must be using the airborne to implement all this. 

5. Once your parachute is out which means you’re close to your destination make sure you look around before getting to the ground to see if there’s anyone following you so you can be ready to attack and if there is just find a gun as fast as you can and engage because the enemy won’t hesitate to kill you first, If you’re alone then take your time to equips guns (I recommend chicom or m4 for close range/medium range, Snipper or Ak47 for far range), class upgrade, any vest you come across because vests are  very important to reduce your damage received.

6. BEWARE OF CAMPERS!!! – Well at one point in time some of us may need to camp although I don’t support camping because I’m a very passive player and enjoying going for my kills all the time even I get killed 😅lol, What you should do when you come across campers you should always be ready to shoot seconds before seeing the enemy because they mostly don’t miss their opportunity at engaging at you as they’re very good at hide and seek 😅 I also made a reference to something like this HERE.

 7. USE A GOOD AUDIO DEVICE – This is actually one of the most important things you need to know while surviving!!! You need to be able to hear footsteps of enemies coming from behind or enemy that just landed behind especially those of us who use airborne a lot 😂. You’ll be able to take me or anyone using airborne down easily if you’ve got a good audio device maybe an earpiece, AirPods, e.t.c

8. AVOID MOVING ON FOOT FOR TOO LONG – Once you’re always on ground you’re an easy target for your enemies because closer enemies will hear your footsteps while enemies using airborne can land behind you when you won’t be ready to engage, snippers can also snipe you from a far so it’s advisable to always move with cars, bike or BEST OPTION WHICH IS THE CHOPPER!.

 9. RETREAT WHEN THE ODDS ARE AGAINT YOU – I know the first thing that comes to your mind is how do you know when the odds are against you or how do you know when to retreat in call of duty battle royale games 😂, well you have to retreat when the enemy is shooting a gun that’s got higher damage than yours for example when you’re against an enemy using the AK47 while you’re with the CHICOM, There’s a 40 percent chance of you killing the enemy first from far range if you’ve both got good accuracy and aim but will be easier if you’re the one using AK47 and vice versa but you can retreat and prepare for a revenge if you’ve got a better gun that you know can overpower the enemies weapon, I actually had to retreat while playing the video in this content because the odds were against me so kindly  watch linked video and learn more. 

10. DO NOT MISS-USE YOUR CLASS – Are you wondering what does he mean by misuse? Lol nothing to worry about! I actually mean do not use your class upgrade when it’s not much needed meaning you shouldn’t use it when you have advantage over your enemy except you’re using it as a distraction!!!

11. SURVIVE!!! – Yes the most important thing is surviving especially in the news season 7 call of duty mobile battle royal update where tanks have been added to the battleground, it’s easier to get more kills with the tank as it’s just one shot damage and can really kill enemies in far range so be careful not to go to close to a tank!

 If you’re able to read this far then thank you a lot because it really means a lot to me that someone out there want to learn and implement tips from me which I hope will help you improve your call of duty mobile battle royale game, do support by liking and sharing with your friends and also let me know if you learnt anything new and what and what has worked for you in call of duty mobile battle royale.

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