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Today we bring to you our new platform where you can post and share whatever you feel like sharing with the world for free!

We recently launched a Forum for our own Top Tech Blog  with the URL using Nabble.

Although I’m still making some changes to the forum created But it’s now up and running for our dear readers to contribute… You can just visit the forum link and register to start sharing your thoughts or Check our Forum page for the embedded link. 
What Is SG LEET FORUM All About?
As we all know SG LEET is a Tech Blog where I share tricks & free browsing tutorials I know with my readers… But later I notice we’ve got other issues I’ll like to discuss about that ain’t Tech Related but also useful to my dear readers and also I know a lot of my friends,fans and readers who also will like to post some useful stuffs for the world to see but they is no platform for that so I decided to create this forum for everyone so at least we can share what we know with thousands of SG LEET daily readers.

UPDATE – As at the day of this post SGLEET FORUM has been taking down and we urge all our forum members to continue the journey in the new discord server.

Reading this content I can’t seem to stop laughing (lol), we’ve moved from the online forum and now have a discord server for Naija Elites (Another Idea By SGLEET) to bring Nigerian gamers together most especially the Call of duty mobile Battle Royale players.


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