Apple, Google, Microsoft, Tencent And Facebook Tops List Of The Most Valuable Technology Brand Globally

Although Amazon is currently the number one most valuable brand globally, Apple happens to be the second on the the list of most valuable.
Most Valuable Technology Brand Globally
Microsoft and Google took up the number two and three most valuable “technology” brand global rankings respectively. Microsoft, the company behind Outlook and Teams, which have aided the shift to remote working, saw growth of +30% and have a valuation of $326.5 billion, while Google recorded +5% in growth and a valuation of $323.6 billion as reported by Information Age
Rounding up the top five technology brands were Tencent (+15%, $151 billion), and Facebook, the highest ranked company to suffer a loss in revenue (-7%, $147.2 billion).

“Technology brands have proved extremely resilient, especially relative to brands in most other categories, with revenue and profit generally improving, although at a slower pace,” said Martin Guerrieria, global head of research for BrandZ at Kantar.

“The recent crisis has helped improved the connection between consumers and technology brands, which had been negatively affected multiple times due to trust issues around privacy and the protection of personal data.

“Lockdown has been a stark reminder that technology is indispensable to our lives, and that we are dependent on digital connections and devices to buy food and other essentials, conduct meetings and communicate with family and friends.”
Most Valuable Technology Brand Globally
The 2020 BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands were determined based on market data from Bloomberg, as well as extensive consumer insights from over 3.8 million consumers.

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