Get 10GB Free Data and 100% Data Bonus On MTN

MTN is rewarding its 3G customers who upgrade their sims to MTN 4G with 10GB free data and 100% data bonus on all their data subscription for 3 months.

Upgrading a Simcard from 3G to 4G is free of charge and can be done at all MTN service centers nationwide. 
According to MTN Office official release they are planing to increase the strength of 4G service and they do not want they 3G customers to miss the offer and speed.
 “In our bid to give you an even better experience, we have gone further to launch 4G+ which essentially doubles the speed of 4G. With 4G+, MTN has the capability of delivering speeds of up to 200 Mbps. This will translate to even much faster downloads, better streaming experience, and even clearer video calls on MTN’s 4G network.
The sim upgrade bonus is not new at all. It was only improvised as a means to encourage more customers to opt-in for the 4G upgrade. Before now, MTN gives 4G free data and 100% data bonuses to customers that upgrade their Simcard.
However, before you decide to opt-in for your Simcard upgrade, be sure that your device is 4G enabled so you can use the free 10GB data that will be allocated to you after the process.
The official announcement was made by MTN on the official website as thus;
You will enjoy the following benefits when you upgrade to 4G on the MTN network:
Free 10GB upon upgrade to 4G SIM valid for 7 days
100% bonus on every N500 to N5000 data bundles purchased from month 1 to month 3 after upgrading SIM to 4G.
25% bonus on all data bundles purchased from month 4 to month 6 after upgrading to 4G. Newly activated and existing 4G customers will enjoy only 25% bonus for 6 months.
How to Upgrade an MTN 3G sim to 4G
Upgrading a sim card is very easy. All you need is to locate the nearest MTN center, visit and request for your sim to be upgrade free of charge.
While going, ensure you go along with the necessary documents listed below.
The MTN to upgrade and its sim pack (not compulsory)
A valid identity card (National Identity card, Drivers’ license, Voters’ card or an international passport)
Next is to walk into a service center and ask for an upgrade from 3G to 4G. You will receive instructions on when you need to start using the upgraded sim and how to get the free 10GB data.

How to Locate the Nearest MTN Office
To locate the nearest MTN service to you, dial 1231*7# on your phone to find the address. 
You can ask around for directions if you’re not familiar with the address.
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