How To Correct Spelling Errors Using Grammarly Keyboard App

The main reason why a keyboard app is needed on a smartphone in the first place is for grammatical checks and to improve writing. 

If you’re seeking a solid proofreading tool for your Android or iOS device, then the Grammarly keyboard app should be your first choice.

How to Correct Spelling Errors Using Grammarly Keyboard App
Grammarly looks like any other regular virtual keyboard, but it stands head and shoulders above them because of its sophisticated suggestion feature. Though most keyboard apps offer basic suggestions and detect simple spelling mistakes, Grammarly’s provides in-depth grammar and contextual spelling checking and even corrects mistakes in punctuation.
Users that choose to subscribe to the paid Grammarly Premium service can also benefit from suggestions for style improvements and vocabulary enhancements.
Unlike other apps that steal email login and other details, the Grammarly keyboard app promises data protection through encryption and “other measures”. In addition, sensitive information such as bank account and credit card details can’t be accessed with this app.
Supported languages at the moment in the Grammarly app are British and American English. Also, the swipe-to-text feature is not available, but the company stated it’ll be added in a future update.
Where to Download Grammarly App for Android and iOS Devices
Google Play Store for Android.
Apple App Store for IOS.
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