How to Authenticate Custom Duty Papers Online in Nigeria

Are you a Nigerian? Did you just buy a new car and would like to verify the particulars? In this guide, you will be learning how to authenticate custom duty papers online in Nigeria.

The Nigeria government mandated that every newly imported vehicle whether new or used, be declared to the Nigerian Customs Service and custom duty papers must be issued for such vehicle. The custom duty papers have the Customs Reference Number or C-number and are issued after single goods declaration (SGD) forms must have been obtained.

The Customs Reference Number or C-number also keeps track of details about the vehicle in the Nigerian Customs Service database.

If you have obtained your custom duty papers from a dealer or from another proxy, it is essential to verify the authenticity to prevent stories. Below, I will put you through on how you can get this done with ease.

How to Authenticate Custom Duty Papers Online

Presently, the feature is unavailable either on the Nigeria customs website or any other official website. However, you can alternatively reach out to the agency through their toll lines.

Numbers through which you can call the Nigerian Customs helpdesk are 094621598, 94621597 and 094621599.

When your call is answered by an agent, humbly request to check if your custom papers are valid. Read out the Customs Reference Number to the agent when requested and the year. Exercise patient while the check is being done and the agent would tell you whether the papers are real or not.

For more information regarding Custom Duty Papers, kindly visit the Nigeria Customs Website.

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