Download Cod Mobile Public Test App For Android Here – Season 9 and Season 10 Call Of Duty Mobile

Call of duty mobile is back with a with a new update for android user and last of its Public Test Builds for Season 9 and 10 of Call of Duty: Mobile.

Below Are The Details:  

•Begins today on August 5th** / End date TBD
• Available for Android devices only
• Download Size: 1.7 gigabytes, Wifi connection is recommended
• Available to the first 10,000 players (first come first serve)
• Content suited for ages 16+
• All information and player data collected during this test will be deleted
This one is primarily just for bugs and trying to find any critical issues before the next release. Any help from this test will go towards making the next release stable and smoother. Lastly, here are some general tips in case you are running into any issues downloading or installing the build: 
• Do your best to make sure you on a secure uninterrupted connection so that the whole package is downloaded without any issues
• Try to turn off or stop your device from going into any kind of rest mode
• If you are running into issues download the file, try using a different browser
• Make sure you have 4-5 gigabytes of data free on your device

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