Download YoWhatsApp V8.36 (YoWA) Apk With Anti-Ban

YoWhatsApp (YoWA) has been around for a while now and is considered one of the best WhatsApp Mod. It is designed for those looking to run multiply WhatsApp account on their Android smartphone. The app offer users the ease to run two WhatsApp simultaneously without you having to log out your account every time. Developed by Yousef Al Basha the recently updated YoWhatsApp v8.35 comes with improved features and bug fix.

Just like the OG WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus, YoWhatsApp is a modified version of popular the WhatsApp messaging app. The new YoWhatsApp update comes featuring great material design, customization styles and themes.

YoWhatsApp (YoWA) Best Features

Some of the best features of the App include;

  •     Tick style options
  •     App launcher icon change (11 icons)
  •     Send video file up to 700 MB
  •     Change notification bar icon (22 icons)
  •     Group messages counter
  •     Default Blue UI
  •     Confirmation of Call before Calling
  •     Set your name in the main screen and much more

The app is one of the most easy to use, as it comes with a great user interface. The app works just like your normal WhatsApp but with more custom features. See the new features of the updated YoWhatsApp latest version below.

New Features

  •     Important: Extended Expiry Date.
  •     Fixed: “App Not Installed” error.
  •     Fixed: IG Style Status disappearing.
  •     Added: Separate Group Tab in Bottom Bar.
  •     Fixed: WhatsApp emojis or stickers show in phone gallery
  •     Fixed: Hide Second Tick and many minor and important bug fixes that were in v8.31.
  •     Base Update: WA Official 2.20.123 version.
  •     Exclusive Option: Separate Chats / Groups conversations into two screens!
  •     Added: Swipe chat row in home screen to see quick actions.
  •     New: WhatsApp Fingerprint UI.
  •     APK size of YOWA is now only 33 MB.
  •     Now Download Emoji variants from YoSettings.
  •     Exclusive: 5-min status/story (Enable it to use).
  •     New: Increase Forward limit to 250 instead of 5.
  •     Increased: Delete message time for “Delete for everyone” to 100 days!
  •     Solved: Themes do not install/apply in Android 10.
  •     New: Support to download themes with home wallpaper from YoThemes Store.
  •     2nd package: com.yowhatsapp2 MOD APK for running 3rd YoWA number.
  •     Strong: More Anti-Ban update.
Removed Features:

  •     FAB from YOWA
  •     Broadcast Message to group
  •     Status view toast
  •     Update, changelog, credits and all about remoder
  •     Please don’t ask about these 4

Where To Download The Latest YoWhatsapp (YoWA) For Android

To download the latest YoWhatsapp v8.36 (YoWA) for Android, Click HERE.

Note: File was updated July 31th, 2020 with the latest YoWhatsapp version for android.

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