How To Download Instagram Videos On iPhone Made Easy

Because Instagram videos use so much data from your internet package, saving Instagram videos to your iPhone is a good idea. Every day you watch dozens of awesome videos on Instagram, but what if you want to keep some of these videos (video posts or IGTV) to watch them offline or to share again with your friends on Whatsapp, Facebook or any other social network?

Most Instagram users know that the official Instagram app does not support the ability to download and save videos or photos to your iPhone, iPad, or any iOS device. So I will explain to you how you can download videos quickly and easily on your iPhone.

Download Instagram Videos on iPhone Using Third-Party App


How Download Instagram Videos Using Third-Party App

  •     Ensure you have installed the Repost app from the app store.
  •     Now launch the Instagram app and open any video to download.
  •     Further, tap the three dots placed at the topmost right of the video and tap Copy link.
  •     Launch the Repost app and the post to the copied link is found automatically.
  •     Also, tap the thumbnail, then the Share button from the topmost right.
  •     Finally, select Save video and the video will be saved to your device.

Downloading Instagram videos with the Repost app is very easy.
However, you will be required to supply your Instagram login details to the app to download video from private accounts.

Download Instagram Videos on iPhone Using Browsers

Instead of giving account login access to third-party apps before downloading videos, you can consider using web browsers like Safari. Online service like DownloadGram lets you download IGTV photos and videos, as well as videos from feed easily just by copying the video link.

How to Download Instagram Videos Using Browsers

    Copy the URL of an Instagram video then open your browser and visit DownloadGram website.

    Paste the URL of the Instagram post in the Input field and tap Download.

    The video details will be displayed for confirmation then you will need to tap a second, greenish-like download video button. You will have to long-press the Download video button to show the Peek menu.
    Further, tap Download linked file from the Peek menu and the video file is downloaded to your device.

Download Instagram Videos on iPhone Using Siri Shortcuts

You can also download Instagram video feeds, stories, IGTV, and Reels using a shortcut.
How to Download Instagram Videos on iPhone Using Siri shortcuts

    Download and install the shortcut needed from iCloud or Routinehub by tapping Add Untrusted Shortcut.

  •     Now, launch the Instagram app and identify any video.
  •     Tap the three dots from the topmost right of the video and select Share with.
  •     Further, scroll down and tap Instagram Media Saver.
  •     Extract the media associated with the URL and select the video option with a timestamp.

The Instagram video is downloaded and saved and can be accessed from the Photos app.

That is all the steps required to download Instagram videos on iPhone devices. I hope you found this helpful. If so, kindly leave your comment below. Lastly, remember to share this post with friends

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