How to Pay for DStv, GOtv and StarTimes from Zenith Bank Account

Do you own a Zenith bank account and would like to pay for your cable subscriptions right from the account? This post is for you. Here, you will be learning how to pay for DStv, GOtv and StarTimes from Zenith Bank account.

You can easily make payment for DStvGOtv and StarTimes from your Zenith Bank account. There are two options made available. These are the use of mobile banking app and eazy banking.

How to Pay for DStv, GOtv and StarTimes from Zenith Bank Account
Zenith Bank Mobile App

The Zenith mobile app supports bill payments with cable payments inclusive. You only need to install the most recent version of the app on your smartphone. You might need the help of your bank officials to get the app running at first.

  1.     After you’re all set and would like to proceed to make payments, look for Bill Payments option on the app and choose the Cable services.
  2.     Further, select DStv, GOtv or StarTimes as the carrier you want to be billed for. Enter your smartcard or IUC number and choose from the available bouquet plans.
  3.     Finally, click pay and you will be charged from your account.

The Zenith Bank mobile app is available on Google Play for Android device users and App Store for iOS.

Zenith Bank Eazy Banking

  1.     From the line associated with your bank account, dial *966#.
  2.     Reply the on-screen prompt with 8 to show the next available option.
  3.     Now, reply with 10 for Bills.
  4.     Select the career you are paying for and enter the required amount for the bouquet plan.
  5.     Finally, enter your eazy banking pin to confirm the transaction.

The eazy banking method can only work on the line associated with your Zenith Bank account.


    Be sure of the cable tv plan you are paying for so you won’t subscribe to the wrong plan.
    Ensure you have entered the correct smartcard or IUC number when making payment.

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