How to Watch DStv Live Channels for Free Using Mod VTV or FreeFlix

 You can watch all DStv live channels for free simply by installing cracked/mod VTV or FreeFlix app. The app will give you access to watch over 2500+ DStv channels on your smartphone without paying a dime.

The mod app lets you stream from several high-quality actions, comedy, horror, animations, scientific movies and series.  The VTV works with an activation code which is being sold by many across the internet. However, both the app file and activation codes will be provided here for free.

FreeFlix app doesn’t require any activation code to work.

Kindly note that the mod apps are not the same as the official DStv app in any way. You are advised to download the DStv app for your device from the app store.

What you need to watch DStv live channels for free

  •     A good internet connection
  •     The Mod VTV app or FreeFlix app
  •     An activation code

Where to download the free Mod VTV app

Where to download the VTV activation code

How to watch DStv live channels for free using VTV

  •     Download a copy of the VTV app and Install.
  •     Further, launch the app and tap Activate.
  •     Choose any activation code of your choice from the file attached to activate.
  •     Now, tap login and start streaming. You can see all available channels right from the app menu

Where to download FreeFlix app[email protected]/file

How to watch DStv live channels for free using FreeFlix

  •     Download a copy of the FreeFlix app and Install.
  •     Further, launch the app and tap Watch Now.
  •     Select IPTV 2 option to stream available DStv hosting channels.
  •     Wait for a while to allow the channels available to load
  •     Now, tap Movies from the left-side to have access to DStv movie channels. You can also select any other category and you can start streaming immediately.

Tip: You may want to choose IPTV 3 option and select your country if you would like to view some available local channels instead.

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