Young Nigerian Man Named Tosin Arogundade Invents Pressing Iron That Uses Gas

Tosin Arogundade, A young Nigerian man has offered a solution to one of the problem he he country is facing by inventing pressing iron that uses gas.

Tosin Arogundade and one other person invented a pressing iron that uses gas which they’ve been working on for three years now according to LegitNg
Tosin said he alongside one other person had been working on the project for three years, adding that their invention is up to standard. 

It can also be noted that the young man has joined other Nigerians who have demonstrated that the country has a lot of creative minds that will go places if given the opportunity to showcase their creativity.

Tosin said they need help for their invention to be mass-produced for use.

However, before Tosin’s invention can be approved for mass-production, it has to be approved by relevant agencies, which will assure Nigerians that it is safe to make use of it.

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