How to Easily Unlock Tecno Camon Series Without Any Software

 Have you ever been locked out of your Tecno mobile after you have failed to remember your password/pin/pattern? In this post, you will be learning how to unlock the Tecno Camon Series without any software.

How to Easily Unlock Tecno Camon Series Without Software

You can easily bypass the lock on all Camon series by using the hard-reset tool from the phone. The hard-reset is also referred to as the formatting option. It does not only remove the android lock screen, but it also erases all data that you have on the phone, leaving it as it was from the factory.

Hard-reset will turn your Tecno Camon device into a brand new by resetting it to factory settings.

How To Perform Hard-Reset on Tecno Devices

  •     Start by turning-off your Tecno Camon device by holding the power key.
  •     Confirm that the phone is off. (You can remove the battery and insert again).
  •     Try to switch it on into recovery mode by holding the volume up and power keys together.
  •     Ensure you release the power key when the Tecno logo shows on your screen and the volume up when Android robot shows.
  •     After, hold volume up and power key to access the recovery menu.
  •     Using the volume keys for scrolling, scroll down to wipe data/factory reset option.
  •     Finally, press the power key to select the wipe data/factory reset option.
  •     Press the power key once to confirm your selection.
  •     Scroll to the bottom with the volume keys to find the reboot system now option and select the option using the power key.

Your phone should reboot back to how it came from the factory with no screen lock whatsoever. However, other than to bypass screen lock, there are other reasons you can perform a har-reset for your Tecno Camon.

Other Reasons to Perform a Hard-Reset for Tecno Camon

  •     If the phone is not responding for a long time i.e. it freezes for a longer period.
  •     If the mobile device crashes too often.
  •     When the phone responds slowly or fails to install updates.
  •     If your phone heats up unnecessarily.

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