OurTV Channels List, Frequency, Symbol Rate And Satellite Position

 Just when many Nigerians were giving up on TStv who recently plan a relaunch of its pay TV service, with a new New Frequency and Symbol Rate, OurTv is coming to the rescue. The Free to Air (FTA) satellite TV provider has been around for some time now and many still don’t know much about it.

Owned by Trefoil Networks Limited, OurTV offers views over 40+ TV and Radio channels, and you get them all for free. Channels available on the platform, includes Entertainment, Sports, News, Religious, Lifestyle and Kids. The company has its own custom viewing box making it easy to install and enjoy.

According to the company, the platform is free to users and it will remain so. All you need to enjoy it, is a decoder and Satellite dish. It offers so popular TV channels such as Aljazeera, Channels Tv and more.

OurTv Channel List

  •     AIT
  •     Aljazeera
  •     Catholic tv
  •     Channels
  •     Health and Wellness
  •     News
  •     Our Movies (Globe)
  •     Our Movies (Nolly)
  •     Our Music
  •     Our Series
  •     Our Sports
  •     Our Yotomi tv
  •     Our Kiddies
  •     Smillie
  •     Speed Factor
  •     Sportify
  •     The Church tv
  •     Zamani tv

OurTV Frequency and Symbol Rate

  •     Position: 42.5°E
  •     Frequency: 12545
  •     Symbol Rate: 29500
  •     Polarization: H

How To Track OurTV

OurTV is currently running on NigComSat-1R, Interested viewers can track and watch all the OurTV channels by positioning their dish at an angel of 42.5°E, and input the listed frequency and symbol rate above.

Price Of OurTV Decoder?

OurTV comes with its own viewing box, which is the decoder and it cost just ₦11,900. 

Please note that OurTV only offers just the decoder, You have to get yourself a dish and any other accessories.

If you need more info about the company and its services, simply visit its official website HERE for more details. It is also important to note that sgleet.tech is not in anyway associated with OurTv and that this post was made solely for educational purpose. If you have any questions, kindly use the comment box below this post.

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