Where to Buy Phones on Credit and Pay Later in Nigeria

Do you need a new phone and have little or no money at all? In this post, you will be guide through on how and where to buy phones on credit and pay later in Nigeria.

The “buy now and pay later” scheme for mobile devices has been on for a while. It allows buyers to buy their dream phone even when they can’t afford. In such cases, the phone is sold to the buyer and the payment is usually spread over some months. However, such payments usually attract a little interest.

The scheme is only opened to phone buyers and usually cut across every type of devices. Also, you are allowed to spread your payments over some months with some interest.

Where to Buy Phones on Credit and Pay Later


EasyBuy lets you buy any kind of phone product on credit with the option to pay back later. It helps to purchase your favourite smartphone after you have paid an initial payment of at least, 30% of the price of the phone.

To buy phones on credit with EasyBuy, you are required to be a Nigerian within the age of 18 to 55, have a valid ID, must be enrolled for BVN and has an active ATM card. Acceptable ID includes National ID, Voters Card, Driver’s license and International Passport.

If you would like to buy a device with EasyBuy, please proceed to EasyBuy.loans


Zerofinance is an online eCommerce website that sells all kind of products including mobile devices, electronics, household appliances, kitchen wares, furniture and much more. It provides an instalment policy that allows its customers to buy things they need on credit and pay later.

As a customer in need, you only need to go shopping to find what you need, submit the requirement and get your product delivered to you in no time. Also, your payment will be deducted from your account based on a repayment plan you have chosen.

Do you know somewhere else to buy phones on credit in Nigeria? Please tell us by leaving a comment below.

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