Google’s Pixels Get October Update With Many Fixes

Like clockwork, Google has just released its monthly Pixel updates, delivering both security enhancements as well as bug fixes and other improvements. This month, we have seven changes noted in the so-called “functional patch” notes, including auto-rotation improvements, automatic brightness fixes for the Pixel 4a, a bootloop fix, and a handful of other changes. 

Sadly, this month also marks the end of the Pixel 2 and 2 XL’s stated support lifetime. Google has since confirmed to us that the phones will only get one more update after this in December.


As it is the first Monday of the month, today Google has started pushing out its monthly update for the Pixel smartphones that it still supports.

The update brings the usual security patches, of course, but also fixes some bugs and improves some features. For example, auto-rotation should be better, and there are fixes for some devices being stuck during boot, call notifications being inadvertently disabled, the auto-rotate icon going missing, and also for not detecting an overview swipe gesture in the launcher.

These are all general and apply to all Pixels. The , however, gets two fixes that are only its own. So after you apply this update, if you own a Pixel 4a, auto-brightness should be improved, as well as touch sensitivity when you’re using a screen protector.

Because this is Google, over-the-air rollouts like these take time, so don’t be surprised if you wait at least a few days to get the October update on your Pixel.

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