How to Unfriend in PUBG Mobile

Here, you will be learning how to unfriend in PUBG mobile.

PUBG Mobile is all set to relaunch in India by the end of 2020 and the developers have confirmed that the PUBG Mobile India Update version will be different from the original global version of the online battle ground game.



PUBG (Player Unknown Battleground) Mobile is one of the world most installed games at the moment with several millions of active installations across the world.

It is reported that millions of people play PUBG Mobile every day. This only fact is due to its great gameplay and quality actions and good graphics.

PUBG allows players to make friends while they play. Many players have met really interesting people through the game. However, some people still find the need to unfriend people in the long run.

If you do not want friendship with a particular PUBG friend anymore, you can choose to unfriend them.

How to Unfriend in PUBG Mobile

Unfriend in PUBG is easy but the process differs based on the category of friends. Basically, there are two categories of friends in PUBG Mobile. One refers to your Facebook friends and the other refers to friends made from the game.

How to Unfriend from Facebook

You can only unfriend Facebook friends from the website through the app or web browser. Log in to Facebook to see you all your friends and you can unfriend any user from there.

Subsequently, the user is removed from your PUBG Facebook friends list and you won’t be hearing from them any longer.

How to Unfriend from PUBG

Launch PUBG Mobile game app on your device and log in. Tap Online Players and then Above Friends icon. Once this is done, tap Game Friends.

Now, find the players you would like to remove from the list and tap the remove icon. You will likely receive a notification and you should confirm by tapping Yes.

Let’s know if this works for you!


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