[Update: Nov 25] PUBG Mobile India Latest News Tracker

PUBG’s Diwali Blast, Diwali is called the Festival of Lights. It is believed that on this day Rama returned to his people after 14 years of exile. And in a way, our PUBG Mobile also arrives after the completion of his exile time (ban time).



We all wanted PUBG Mobile to come back because it did not feel good without it, there was a need for PUBG Mobile for our entertainment in our spare time, or to remove our boredom. And this requirement is being met now.

Here, We are decided to cover all the latest news about PUBG Mobile India. So you can track all the updates about it.

PUBG Mobile India Latest News Tracker

Update: Nov 24

PUBG India Has Officially Registered Its Company

PUBG Corporation seemingly taking yet another massive step on the road to the actual release of the game. PUBG India Private Limited has been registered as a subsidiary of a Foreign Company with the Indian government.

Update: Nov 19

PUBG Mobile fans are getting a little angsty about when the game will be released in India. Another potential blow has also happened with the game’s alleged pre-registration link being removed from the TapTap store.

Update: Nov 18

Global data transfer to India server

The users will be notified of the same when they log-in to the game as their permission would be required for the transfer of data. This is huge news for all the PUBG Mobile players across the country who were concerned about the same since the news about the game’s return to India broke out last week.

Update: Nov 15

PUBG Mobile Player Kronten claimed that PUBG Mobile’s full trailer will be released today (November 15th) and that the game can be expected to release by November 20th.

Update: Nov 12

PUBG Mobile is returning to India with a special version of the game devised for Indian users. The new version of the game claims to have addressed the privacy concerns which were cited as the reason behind the ban.

PUBG Mobile also confirmed that it would be making a $100 Million USD investment in the country to “cultivate the local video game, esports, entertainment, and IT industries”

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