Xiaomi Weather App v12.3.5.8 Released: New Features and Download Links!

Xiaomi releases a new update of its weather application for everyone. The new update brings numerous features and fixes some bugs with version Global.




The latest version of the Xiaomi Weather app brings the update in which UI Changes for AQI Informations, optimizations of Memory, and improvements of some performance. All these changes have also been made to the app to provide a better experience to users. Finally, some known bugs have been fixed with this update.

You can download the Weather Global app directly from the link below. By doing so you can use it on your Xiaomi smartphone, with weather data provided directly by AccuWeather.

What’s New:

  •     UI Changes for AQI Informations.
  •     Memory optimizations.
  •     Bug fixes and other performance improvements.

UI Changes for AQI Informations:  A lot of cities face the issue of Air Pollution, and AQI, while an accurate measure of air quality, needs to be aided by proper health and safety information to guide citizens. here it User Interface Changes to guide the user for AQI Informations.

Memory optimizations: Memory optimization is a range of techniques related to improving computer memory, such as identifying memory leaks and corruption, to optimize memory usage and increase performance and application usability. here it optimizes the memory.

Bug fixes and other performance improvements: A correction to a bug in an APP helps in its better and unbounded performance. actually, bug fixes improve its performance and intensify users’ experience.

Download Link:

    Xiaomi Weather App v12.3.5.8 APK

    Google Play Store Link

Previous Version

    Xiaomi Weather App v12.3.5.7 APK

    Xiaomi Weather App v12.3.5.6 APK

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By weather information, you can prepare your plan carefully, you will be successful at work and have a better life. It detects weather in your current location automatically. Here I’m providing you the latest version of the Xiaomi Weather App that has been released with some optimization.

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