Free Fire New OB25 Update: Everything you need to know – Patch Notes, New Character, Pets and more

Free Fire is one of the most popular Battle Royale titles, and it has a stellar number of fans throughout the world. Garena Free fire designed exclusively for mobile is now becoming more interesting by its OB-25 update.


Garena Free Fire will soon release the OB-25 update. brought a lot of new stuff and features to the game. The Free Fire OB25 update patch will also bring a lot of new features to the game.

Advance Server Free Fire OB25 Update – December 02

Garena will bring lots of new things In the Free Fire (FF) OB25 advance server! that will enter, and in this article, we will discuss some of these things that you can find easily.
Free Look feature:

This feature allows you to look around them without changing the character of the character who is running. So you can be aware of the area around you, while your character runs in the specified direction.

The Teleport feature is very important in FF users which will appear in several zones on the map. It will appear like a black hole that will give you access to the sky and then dive back in to be able to reach distant zones.

Weapons New Versions:

The following is a collection of these weapons:

  •     MP5> MP5-X
  •     M60> M60-Y
  •     VSS> VSS-X
  •     M14> M14-Y
  •     KAR98K> KAR98K-Z
  •     AWM> AWM_Y
  •     Plasma> Plasma-Y

Free Fire OB25 update

Today we are talking about the upcoming OB25 update of Garena Free Fire All you need to know – Patch Notes, New Character, Pets, and more.

Scythe (Big Sickle):

Scythe or scythe will also be present in the OB25 update. The weapon will deal heavy damage upon a successful hit. It’s got a pretty good range too, considering, it’s a melee weapon.

SMG Vector:

Now this time OB25 update brings Kriss Vector again, is actually a very old SMG in Free Fire that has been in this game for a long time, but somehow the weapon has been removed. It’s an SMG that possesses an extremely high rate of fire, use it in the battle to obliterate your enemies! Even so, this weapon only has 18 bullets, so you have to find a magazine attachment to add ammo to the weapon.

Snowelle Character:

The OB25 update will introduce a new character named Snowelle. She is 25 years old and Lab Researcher and has deep expertise in Nanotechnology and Robotics Engineering. She is skill will prevent enemies shot by her from activating their skills and changing EP to HP for a certain period of time. Snowelle seems to be someone related to one character already in the game, A124.

New Pet – A Baboon:

The new OB25 Update Patch will also bring the new pet in the form of a Mandrill. The pet will be named Brabuino!

It comes in a skill called Helping Hand where he will increase the distance to throw Grenades, Gloo Walls, Stun Grenades, and Smoke Grenades for players.

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