TStv Africa Introduces N2 Per Day Subscription Plan

When TStv was introduced a few years back, the management revealed that the aim was to bring entertainment to Nigerians at an affordable price. According to the company, the high rate of pay per view TV in Nigeria was too high, and that it was aiming that Nigerians getting the best at a cheap rate.

Now, the company has launched a new subscription plan that will see subscribers paying as low as N2 per day. The new plan was announced by the managing director of the company, Dr. Bright Echefu on Wednesday during a press tour of its facilities in Abuja.

Mr. Bright said that the new subscription will see new users view all channels on its decoders free for the first one month and pay the maximum of N2 per channel in a day. The company has revealed that while viewers get to pay N2 for days for most channels, the service also offers some channels at a rate of N1.

Sharing this via the company’s social media handle, TStv wrote;

TStv Africa Subscribers to enjoy ₦2, ₦1 Charge Per Day On all Channels

With Two Naira Only, you can watch your favorite Channel with TStv Africa. Your Two Naira Now Has Value

Mr. Bright also explained the importance of the new subscription plan. According to him;

Part of the things we promised to Nigerians is that we will offer them a pay-per-view subscription to give them what they want.

We have a lot of channels similar to what they get from other operators, put all of that together, we expect them to have a new experience.

Instead of using different bouquets to force subscribers to bouquets that are costly with variety of channels, they ended up not viewing, we are offering them to select the channels they want.

Some channels are N1 and the highest is N2 per day.

If you sum up these channels that interest you, it can be close to N50 a day.

The managing director also revealed that subscribers have the option to pause the subscription when they are not making use of it. In his word; Mr. Echefu said;

The good thing about what we are offering is the dynamism in the creative industry.

You get to experience what we are doing in a different way and at the long run, the pay-tv is different and more enjoyable

He also added that the government is backing the company to ensure that the brand succeeds because it wants to give Nigerians a cheaper alternative to the existing pay-per-tv.

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