How to Recover Deleted Posts on Instagram

Recover Deleted Posts on Instagram

You don’t have any reason to accidentally lose your Instagram content anymore. In this post, you will be learning how to recover deleted posts on Instagram.

You can recover your recently deleted posts on Instagram with the newly introduced Recently Deleted feature. The new feature will let you view and as well as recover deleted posts right from the app. Also, protection has been added in a way to prevent hackers from compromising your Instagram account details and prevent them from deleting posts you share.

The new feature is live and made available on Android and iOS devices. However, not everyone can see and use the feature at the moment.’

There was no traditional way to recover Instagram posts till this moment. Now, with the Recently Deleted folder, one can permanently delete or restore content easily. Although, this is just one of the many features of the IG app.

All Instagram contents such as photos, videos, reels, IGTV videos, and stories deleted from the feed are automatically moved to the Recently Deleted folder.

How to Recover Deleted Posts on Instagram

  1. Ensure you have installed the most recent version of Instagram from Google Play or App Store as per your device’s OS.
  2. Next, launch the Instagram app and visit the Profile page.
  3. Now, tap the hamburger menu from the top-right corner and go to Settings.
  4. Further, move to Account then Recently Deleted. Here, you will find your recently deleted posts displayed.
  5. To restore a post, tap the post and then, the three dots icon at the top.
  6. Here, two options are available. You can choose to permanently delete the post or recover it. Select Restore to recover the post.
  7. Verify your identity for security concerns by entering a one-time password (OTP) send to your phone number or email address.
  8. Tap Confirm and that is all.

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