#GraphixMadeEazy; How to Create Business Card Design in Corel Draw

With social media networks more frequently being used in business, there’s been a noticeable decline in printed business cards in some countries; adding a QR code might just be the right function to save your audience time in this digital world.

In today’s business climate, being prepared with networking possibilities, using digital business cards and social media linking, is vital.

At the core, a business card is all about networking and inviting someone to contact you, or for you to contact them. Historically the business card is an invitation card, and in the 17th century Europe, it was used to announce the arrival of prominent people. Few things are so quick as handing over a card.

Before you start, decide what information you would like to have on your business card. To follow along with this tutorial you will need a logo, first name and last name of the card owner, a (company) postal address, phone number, e-mail, a website link, and for this particular tutorial, a QR Code.

Step 1: Document Setup

Start by creating a new document in CorelDRAW by going to File > New or Ctrl + N. In the New Document window:

  • Name your document and choose CMYK or RGB color mode.
  • If you intend to print on the back of the card, change the Number of pages to 2.
  • In the Page Size dropdown list, choose Business Card – unless you have custom requirements for a different size or format.
  • Select your orientation and keep the resolution at 300 dpi.

In This Video Tutorial, you will learn How to Create Business Card Design in Corel Draw.

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