Facebook is Experimenting With Allowing Users More Choice Over What Appears In Their News Feed

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has announced that it is experimenting with new ways for users to tailor the material they see in their News Feeds. The test, which will be available to a “small percentage” of users at first, will allow people to adjust their preferences to increase or decrease the amount of content they see from specific friends, family, groups, and pages they’re connected with on the platform, the company said in a blog post Thursday.

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Facebook has changed the way the News Feed displays information multiple times in recent years, and it appears that the company is still debating what content should be prioritized and why.It said in 2015 that it would alter News Feeds to prioritize information from close friends over those from companies and publishers. In 2016, Facebook announced that its algorithm would be tweaked so that postings from friends would take precedence over those from publishers.

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The business then announced in 2018 that it was altering the News Feed so that posts that potentially stimulate “back and forth debate” (aka engagement, which is Facebook’s bread-and-butter) would display more frequently than more passive content.

What did Facebook do in 2020? It changed a few things, but it also altered the News Feed once more, this time to prioritize more reliable and high-quality news sources. To the anger of some Facebook employees, it rolled back the “nicer” version of the News Feed in December 2020.

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